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Providing industry solutions for a safety-focused ecosystem.

Business Scope

HASC™ is the steadfast leader in developing innovative and advanced solutions in the areas of training, skills development, occupational health, industry services and more. With a mission to build safe workplaces by improving the quality and integrity of the workforce, we provide training and occupational health services to more than 1,500 people each day. Our worldwide outreach is accomplished through multiple satellite locations in the U.S. and the Caribbean that serve our 3,000 member and 12,000 non-member companies with global industry safety solutions.

Established in 1990, HASC™ is overseen by a dedicated Board of Directors, relies heavily on committee involvement and volunteers, and directly employs a staff of over 150 people.​

Training on a Variety of Safety Topics

Serving the Texas Gulf Coast and beyond since 1990, HASC™ delivers over one million units of training each year. We cover a wide range of safety topics through approximately 2,000 general awareness eLearning training as well as site- and company-specific training to assess and assure a baseline of safety comprehension throughout the workforce.

Industry Solutions for Complex Challenges

HASC™ provides state-of-the-art records retention and safety training support for Contractors and Owners/Operators seeking more efficient, secure and affordable training solutions. To address the industry's more complex challenges, we also provide background screening and substance abuse testing solutions, site entry and social security verification, and Contractor pre-qualification.

Standard and Customizable Skills Development

To increase worker skill sets for our industry, HASC™ offers hands-on, task-based and tool-specific training with an emphasis on safety, hazard recognition and proper techniques. From competent person and confined space training to welding, pipefitting, industrial cleaning and more, our skills development training takes place in a leading-edge facility equipped with a welding lab, two-ton overhead crane, scaffold yard, rigging, aerial lift and more.

Occupational Health Services for Injury Care & Health Testing

Global Health™ operates modern, advanced facilities staffed with OSHA-knowledgeable providers for HASC™ to offer:

  • 24/7 on-call injury care
  • Physical exams including DOT, non-DOT, pre-employment, fit-for-duty, Coast Guard, OGUK and more
  • Health testing including laboratory services, pulmonary function testing (PFT), audiograms and respirator fit testing
  • Substance abuse testing for all major consortiums and TPAs, with on-site services available
  • Travel medicine including vaccinations and immunizations
  • Custom mobile units for on-site occupational health services