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Board of Directors

Representing HASC® membership and guiding the strategic direction and sustainable future of the association.

Oversight of HASC® is performed by a dedicated group of volunteers committed to representing our membership. The Board of Directors is comprised of 11 Contractor company representatives and one Owner representative.

2024 Executive Committee of the Board of Directors

  • Mr. Nick Anagnostou, CSP, KBR
  • Mr. Drew Ashcraft, CSP, Brock
    Vice Chairman
  • Mr. Russell Klinegardner, HASC
    President and Chief Executive Officer
  • Mr. Wayne Pruitt, Axis Industries
  • Mr. Steve Trickel, CSP, Flatiron Corporation
    Past Chairman

2024 Board of Directors

To be considered for candidacy, a nominee must work in senior-level management for an affiliated Member firm. Formal job descriptions and orientations are given to each new board member at the start of their term.

  • Mr. James "Chezo" Cesarini, PE, Pro-Surve Technical Services, LLC
    2024-2025 Director
  • Mr. Jacob Johanson, Waukesha Pearce Industries (WPI)
    2024-2025 Director
  • Mr. Bill Shaw, CSHO, Evergreen North America Industrial Services
    2024-2025 Director
  • Mr. Walt Treybig, Austin Industrial
    2024-2025 Director
  • Mr. Roy Ledbetter, Marquis Industrial
    2024-2025 Director
  • Mr. William "Willie" Wells, Industry Business Roundtable
    Owner Representative