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Scaffold User Training (19SCAFUS) Is Now...

We’ve got some exciting news!

Scaffold User Training (19SCAFUS) is now Safety Essentials Scaffold User Training (SE-SCAF).

The NEW Scaffold User Training course is a part of the Safety Essentials Suite, and is included in Safety Essentials Elements–a comprehensive library of reciprocal, modernized general safety courses.

Safety Essentials Scaffold User Training (SE-SCAF) will review the proper use of scaffolds to help protect workers from hazards, such as falls, falling objects, scaffold structural instability, the danger of electrocution, and how to avoid overloading a scaffold.

Course Topics:

  • OSHA Competent and Qualified Persons
  • Scaffold Inspection Tags
  • Scaffold Design and Construction
  • Guardrails and Fall Protection
  • Hazard Recognition

**Scaffold User Training (19SCAFUS) will be replaced with Safety Essentials Scaffold User Training (SE-SCAF) course code in LINK**


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