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HASC Backgrounds

HASC Backgrounds

Reciprocal, compliant and accurate screening services.

HASC now provides expanded background checks  

HASC brings cutting edge digital technology, flexibility, and comprehensive reports, along with exceptional customer service to establish personalized and responsive customer connections. Our goal is to provide quick, compliant and accurate reporting to make the hiring decision easier. 
  • Background Checks   
  • Custom Packages Available  
  • FCRA Compliant Products  
  • NABSC Approved Vendor 
  • To establish your background services, contact us at

Our staff are FCRA Certified and experts in the screening industry. Our senior management served on the Board of Directors of the Professional Background Screeners Association (PBSA) and maintain relationships that continue the education journey for the background check profession.   
HASC offers FCRA compliant products such as the national criminal database that scans multiple sources to cover millions of local, county, and federal court records, and is then verified through the criminal history search of the county, state and federal levels which include felony and misdemeanors charges. Additional products include the national sex offender registry that lists people who have been convicted of an eligible sex crime, the global watch list that provides a list of high-risk entities or individuals, a complete and comprehensive driving record with listing of traffic violations, accidents, statuses or suspensions and social security trace that pulls from thousands of sources to verify your new hire.  

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