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Improving data integrity, efficiency and reliability through a variety of tools.

The HASC Xnet is your home for HASC's Web-based applications. Membership to this portal is the starting point for access to all of HASC's customer-facing applications:

  • PQF - Contractor Prequalification
  • GateCheck - Site Security & Access Control
  • e-Binder - A secure Xnet application, the e-Binder is a digital document reader that Owner/Operator facilities use to share important information with Contractors. With the ability to upload and store large files, the e-Binder features folders and categories that facilitate efficient organization of large quantities of data and information, enabling easy access.
Xnet Features
  • Telephone and email support
  • Single sign-on for all tools
  • Permissions based on login
  • Familiar Outlook design
  • Support for multiple applications

Call 1-877-GET-XNET today to gain access to these easy to use, time-saving tools.

Current XNET users log in here.