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Occupational Health Services (OHS)

Improving the quality and integrity of the workforce through a variety of occupational health solutions and services.

The Occupational Health Services provided by Global Health at HASC help deliver our mission of building safe workplaces by improving the quality and integrity of the workforce. Within our 17,000-square-foot headquarters facility, our providers offer pre-employment testing and physical examinations, substance abuse testing, 24-hour occupational injury care, and a variety of other occupational health solutions and services to the industrial workforce.


About Us

Providing pre-employment testing and physical exams, 24-hour emergency injury care and on-site medical services.

Headquarters Facility

Dedicated to occupational medicine, the Occupational Health Center at HASC is a 17,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art facility equipped to provide comprehensive health testing and services.

Physical Exams

Providing a wide variety of physical exams including DOT physicals, OSHA physical exams, Functional Capacity Evaluations and more.

24/7 Injury Care

Our highly qualified and experienced medical providers are available 24/7 to address work-related injuries from emergency situations to scheduled appointments.

Health Testing

Meeting the health screening, pre-employment testing and exposure testing needs of the workforce.

On-site Occupational Health Services

Delivering on-site health and mobile services to your location for convenient health testing.


Providing virtual healthcare to employees nationwide at any time.

Travel Medicine & Vaccinations

Travel vaccinations and medications, including health screenings, are readily available for any destination across the globe.

Resources & Education

Providing clients with the tools needed for OSHA compliance.