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Functional Capacity

Functional Capacity Evaluations

Conducting functional capacity evaluations to ensure worker capability.

Global Health's Occupational Health Center at the Health & Safety Council™ is equipped with machines, computers, tools and state-of-the-art equipment to recreate thousands of different job tasks. From climbing ladders with fall protection and valve turning to push, pull, grasp, pinch, lift and carry, or any of a vast variety of other tasks, we can simulate all of these to ensure the individual is capable of safely performing his/her specific job.

Participants may be required to climb ladders and platforms.  In order to participate in the functional capacity evaluation (FCE), proper attire is required including closed-toe shoes. 

In addition to pre-employment and routine exams, FCE tests are also used to determine fitness-for-duty or return-to-work status following work-related and/or personal injuries.

For additional information regarding these services, please contact us at 281-476-9900 x 338.