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Travel Medicine

Ensuring the health of internationally traveling employees and other individuals through travel medicine services.

Each year, 45 million Americans will travel abroad, with almost half traveling to underdeveloped areas where the threat of disease is high. Having knowledgeable resources in the field of travel medicine is key in preventing travel disease, whether mild or severe.

To ensure the health of employees traveling for occupational purposes, as well as any other international traveler, Global Health's Occupational Health Center at HASC™ offers travel medicine services to ensure safe, healthy trips that are as enjoyable as they are productive.

Travel Medicine Services & Travel Vaccinations

At the Occupational Health Center, we are capable of offering solutions to the world traveler which include:

  • All travel vaccines stocked including Japanese encephalitis, rabies, polio, measles, mumps, rubella, typhoid and meningitis
  • A Texas Department of Health Official Yellow Fever vaccine provider
  • International physical exam requirements
  • Travel risk assessments
  • Malaria prophylactic prescriptions

Other Vaccinations

In addition to travel vaccines, we also regularly stock flu, hepatitis A/B and other routine vaccinations.

For more information, please contact our Travel Medicine Nurse at (281) 476-9900, ext. 246 or