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OHS Physical Exams

Physical Exams

Providing a wide variety of physical exams including DOT physicals, OSHA physical exams, Functional Capacity Evaluations and more.

HASC's Global Health™ Occupational Health Centers offer a wide scope of physical examinations for occupational purposes. We believe that educating employees and employers on recommended and mandated exams and testing helps to facilitate this process. Safety training and health surveillance is not proprietary and should be available to everyone who may be placed at risk.


Occupational Physicals

We provide DOT physical, basic physical exams, Coast Guard physical exams, fit-for-duty exams/return-to-work exams, and are one of only 80 providers in the U.S. registered to provide OGUK physical exams.

OSHA-Regulated Exams

Our expert medical providers perform OSHA-regulated examinations and give knowledgeable feedback to employers regarding the risks associated with abnormal findings.

Executive Physicals

Our comprehensive Executive Physical Program is customized and geared to busy executives to assess their overall health.

Functional Capacity Evaluations

Equipped with machines, computers, tools and state-of-the-art equipment to recreate thousands of different job tasks, we ensure worker capability.

Seafarer Medical Clearance Exams

  • Certified examiner for the Norwegian Seafarer exams
  • Reciprocal with the ENG1 Seafarer Exam

Diver Physical Exam

  • Certified Medical Examiner of Diver
  • DMAC and EDTC Level 1
  • Compliant with ADCI and IMCA requirements
  • Recreational, commercial, public safety