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PQF - Contractor Prequalification

Supplying Contractors and Owners/Operators with prequalification tools and resources for their operations.

PQF - Contractor Prequalification Database

HASC™ offers Contractors and Owners/Operators PQF, our secure web-based Contractor Prequalification Database, to facilitate the process of contractor prequalification, while reducing the amount of time and money spent. Based on the standardized prequalification form, PQF allows Contractors and Owners/Operators to clearly communicate their qualifications and connect with each other.

Developed with HBR

HASC™ developed PQF through a collaboration with the Commercial Issues Committee of the Houston Business Roundtable (HBR). The standardized prequalification form is used throughout the industry by Contractor companies to provide a thorough description of their services and qualifications. Owners/Operators use this information to determine if Contractors meet requirements for jobs at their sites.

  • Created with HBR owners to provide a simple and concise solution for evaluating Contractors
  • Used by hundreds of Owners/Operators and thousands of Contractors
  • Provides nationwide exposure to Owners/Operators in the industry
  • Uses a standardized, web-based form for Contractors to provide a thorough description of services, qualifications and document uploads
  • Offers search, filter and request capabilities
  • Maintained by HASC™, updated by HBR, and audited by independent third-parties

Benefits for Contractors and Owners/Operators

PQF gives Contractors and Owners/Operators the ability to edit forms online at their leisure. PQF forms and additional documents are easily accessible, with support available, if needed. In addition, Owner/Operator representatives can easily browse Contractor companies or use built-in search tools to easily find forms and documents, minimizing downtime and errors.

  • Adobe Acrobat PDF makes forms portable
  • Access control filtering determines which Owners/Operators can see information
  • Access requests are email-based
  • Includes built-in PSM audit support
  • Transparent access requests protect Owner/Operator privacy
  • Is free for Owners/Operators

To get started with PQF, please complete the PQF application or contact us for additional information.