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Training Services

Facilitating, delivering and helping to develop a wide variety of training solutions including industrial safety training and safety training classes.

Hands-on, Instructor-led and eLearning Training

With a mission of building safe workplaces by improving the quality and integrity of the workforce, HASC™ delivers well over one million units of training each year. We are an objective, third-party facilitator and deliver hands-on, instructor-led, and eLearning training for general safety, professional development, and company- and site-specific orientations. With a focus on professional and skills development, HASC™ offers its LEAD™ leadership development program tailored specifically to the petrochemical industry, and is also an accredited NCCER and Pearson VUE assessment center. 

The majority of HASC™ safety training classes are eLearning and can be delivered anywhere via the Internet, while others are hands-on, instructor-led and feature scenario-based or task-specific curriculum. We also offer mobile units to bring the same consistent, standardized, eLearning or instructor-led training to your location.

Custom Course Development

Part of our initiative to build safe workplaces is the ability to assist companies in taking individualized training to the next level. For a cost-effective training solution that ensures consistency and standardization, HASC™ helps turn existing training materials into comprehensive, user-friendly eLearning training or impactful instructor-led courses. Each course is custom-designed for your organization to meet the needs of your specific workforce. We work with you to collect the pertinent information you need to share with employees or contractors and make that training flexible, easily accessible, and impactful for a safe workplace. HASC™ incorporates the R4 Learner Retention Model™ in order to actively involve learners in their training and increase retention. This model is used as a content framework to challenge and engage learners by incorporating rigor, relevancy, reinforcement, and reflection. This challenges learners to establish engagement and creates more effective training. In addition, all eLearning safety training courses can be professionally translated into any language and made web-deliverable, thereby standardizing training worldwide.

For more information on customized training, please contact

Virtual Reality Training

Experience a more impactful way to learn and retain information through virtual reality. HASC™ is proud to offer courses delivered by VR training specifically designed to provide in-depth familiarization with the utilization of virtually simulated environments. VR has been proven to create a deeper, stronger memory network by engaging and activating the learners’ senses. Studies show an improved retention rate using virtual reality training.

Interested in turning your courses into virtual reality courses? Contact for more information on customizing your company’s courses with VR.

Safety, Health and Environmental Training

Specializing in delivering safety, health and environmental training, HASC™ offers over 1,500 different standardized and customizable courses.

Skills Development/Hands-on & Skills-based Training

To accommodate the growing need for skilled labor, HASC™ offers a turnkey skills development training solution that includes industrial safety training and safety training classes.

Performance Evaluations

HASC™ offers performance evaluations, designed to assess an individual's skill level on specific tasks.

Site-Specific Training

HASC™ works with area companies to create site-specific training for many petrochemical, refining and manufacturing facilities across the United States.

Company-Specific Training

Company-specific courses provided by HASC™ cover information specialized for your employees and sub-contractors.

Professional Development/Leadership Training

HASC™ offers professional development and leadership training courses designed to build skills, advance abilities and continue personal growth.

Assessments, DOT & OQ

HASC™ evaluates skills and provides upgrade training for craft professionals, and trains employees of pipeline operators to be OQ-qualified.

For more information on our training services, please contact