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Virtual Reality Training

Train for a Safer Tomorrow with Virtual Reality

HASC™ is leading through innovation by now offering virtual reality general safety training courses and the option to develop your company’s training in a virtual reality setting.

Why virtual reality?

Studies show that workers trained through this method:

  • Have 28% better long-term retention
  • Have the ability to perform procedures correctly 50% more often than non-virtual reality learners
  • Create longer-lasting procedural memories with emotional responses to the virtual reality setting


  • We know the challenges and eliminate development issues for your team
  • We have the resources and save your company time and money
  • We have delivered over 3,000 virtual reality courses
  • We have dedicated virtual reality training stations
  • We incorporate adult learning principles that lead to better knowledge retention
  • We offer reinforcement exercises of learning objectives without the added danger or expense

Click here to download our White Paper and learn more about the effectiveness of VR in our industry.

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Interested in turning your courses into virtual reality courses?

Contact for more information on customizing your company’s courses with VR.